Community Housing Development Organizations

A Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), pronounced cho'doe, is a private nonprofit, community-based service organization whose primary purpose is to provide and develop affordable housing for the community it serves. CHDOs must receive certification from a Participating Jurisdiction indicating that they meet certain HOME Investment Partnership Fund (HOME) program requirements, and therefore are eligible for HOME funding.

If an organization becomes a certified CHDO, it is eligible to apply for HOME funds designated for CHDOs, as well as additional special technical assistance. CHDO set-aside funds provide equity for community-based organizations to undertake projects, build their capacity to serve a broad range of affordable housing needs, and provide guaranteed resources for affordable housing development.

A state-certified CHDO is eligible to apply for CHDO Operating Assistance Funds.  These funds provide operating support to secure the technical assistance and training necessary for CHDOs to succeed, as well as to provide general operating support during the development of affordable housing projects. This funding support program is intended to assist organizations that can demonstrate a need for operating support.

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