Money Follows the Person Project

Virginia is one of 31 states participating in the five-year, $1.75 billion Money Follows the Person (MFP) project designed to create a system of long-term service and support for individuals transitioning from certain long-term care institutions into the community.

The MFP project supports Virginia’sOlmstead initiative and complements the efforts of the Systems Transformation Grant that aims to improve the infrastructure for community-based long-term supports.  Virginia’s MFP project, administered by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services, will make more than $28 million in federal Medicaid funds available to support Virginia’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The MFP project is scheduled to begin in May 2008. 

Currently, several agencies and stakeholders are developing an “Operational Protocol” that will serve as Virginia’s program manual or guidebook for the project.  This guidebook will be submitted to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for approval before transitions to the community can begin under the project. 

Virginia’s MFP project will permanently add services and supports to select home and community-based Medicaid waivers. The following chart illustrates the waiver services that will be added as a result of the MFP project: 

To participate in the MFP project, you must:

  • Have lived for at least six months in a nursing facility, an intermediate care facility for individuals with mental retardation, or a long-stay hospital licensed in Virginia; and
  • Plan to move to a “qualified residence.”  A qualified residence is: 1) a home that you or your family member owns or leases; 2) an apartment with an individual lease, with lockable access and egress, that includes living, sleeping, bathing and cooking areas over which you or your family has domain and control; or 3) a residence in a community-based residential setting in which no more than four (4) unrelated individuals reside.

For more information, visit Virginia’s Money Follows the Person Web site.