Board of Housing and Community Development

The Board of Housing and Community Development consists of 14 citizen members, including 11 members appointed by the Governor from each of Virginia’s Congressional Districts, a representative from the Virginia Fire Services Board appointed by the chairman of that board, the Executive Director of the Virginia Housing Development Authority, and the Director of Regulatory Compliance of the Virginia Building Officials Association.

As a state policy board, the Board of Housing and Community Development promulgates regulations related to housing, community development, building safety, and fire prevention. These regulations include the Uniform Statewide Building Code, Statewide Fire Prevention Code, Virginia Certification Standards, and Virginia Enterprise Zone Regulations.

The board’s Codes and Standards Committee considers building code and fire prevention code issues throughout the year. The Housing Committee meets to consider issues related to safe and affordable housing, and the Community Development Committee meets to consider issues related to economic growth, stability and safety in Virginia’s communities. Committees make recommendations to the full board.

All meetings of the board and its three committees are open to the public. The board provides a public comment session at the beginning of each business meeting to allow the public to address the board on any issue. Meeting dates and times are posted on the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Web site and the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall Web site.

The board advises DHCD in the development of the Consolidated Plan to guide and coordinate housing and community development programs, the Virginia Housing Development Authority and other state agencies and instrumentalities.


Name Congressional District

Earl Reynolds Member from congressional district 5
Jeff Sadler Member from congressional district 3
Steve Semones Member from congressional district 9
Helen Hardiman Member from congressional district 4
Rich Napier Member from congressional district 7
Sean Farrell Virginia Building and Code Officials Association
Roger Mclellon Member from congressional district 1
John Ainslie Member from congressional district 2
Tommy Shields Member from congressional district 6
Shekar Narasimhan Member from congressional district 11
John Patrick Carr Member from congressional district 10
Patricia Shields Member from congressional district 8
Susan F. Dewey Executive Director - VHDA
Robby Dawson Virginia Fire Services Board


Board of Housing and Community Development Minutes