Weatherization FAQ’s and Eligibility Requirements

1) What is the weatherization program?

The Weatherization Assistance program provides funds to reduce the heating and cooling costs for low-income families and to ensure their health and safety.  The program provides repairs and improvements to home heating and cooling systems, and provides for the installation of energy-saving measures in the house.

2) Who can apply?
The services are for low-income families, particularly for households that have elderly persons, individuals with disabilities, and families with children.

3) How do I know if I qualify for assistance?
Usually households qualify based on their income.  Using the table below, you can see the maximum amount that can be earned in order to qualify. Income Limits

4) What if my household earns more than what is listed in the income table, can I still qualify?
There are some exceptions to the income rule.  Generally, households receiving cash payments under Titles IV and XVI of the Social Security Act are eligible.  To be certain, you should call you local weatherization provider.

5) How do I get started?
Call you local weatherization provider.  A list of weatherization providers is available online.  Once you have located the local provider, call them and let them know that you are interested in applying for assistance under the weatherization program.

6) I rent, am I still eligible to receive assistance?
Yes, this program is for homeowners and renters.

7) What kind of work will be performed?
First, staff from the weatherization provider will call to schedule a time to meet you and to perform an audit of your home.  The audit will help them to help identify the best energy-saving measures that are cost effective, healthy, and safe. 

Typical weatherization services include:

  • Sealing air leaks with insulation, caulking, and weather-stripping;
  • Installation of ventilation fans;
  • Repairing drafty duct systems;
  • Repairing and replacing inefficient or unsafe heating and cooling systems; and
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting

The Weatherization Assistance program also checks for health and safety risks, including testing for carbon monoxide levels and installing fire alarms where necessary.  Recipients are also educated about proper use and maintenance of all installed systems.

8) Is there any cost for me?
The work is provided at no cost to you.

9) Where can I get additional information?
The Weatherization Providers Listing provides information on weatherization providers in your area where you may apply for home weatherization. For more information, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .