Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board


The Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board has representation from the House and Senate, Gubernatorial appointments, private sector leadership, and is representative of the diversity of the commonwealth. The board’s mission is to encourage collaboration among business, education, and government in each region on activities that will enhance private sector growth and opportunity, economic competitiveness, and alignment of workforce development programs with the needs of employers in the region.

The board will consider the following in determining funding of projects:

  • Expected economic impact
  • Fiscal resources committed to project
  • Number and percentage of localities in region participating
  • Expected impact and outcomes or projects and complexity of project
  • Projected cost savings
  • Regional effort
  • Interstate or inter-regional collaboration
  • Efficient administration and oversight
  • Compatibility of proposed projects with other projects, programs and existing infrastructure




This is the current schedule of the Board for 2019. Additional meetings may be added at the discretion of the Board.

For more information about meetings, to include: the location, time, agenda, materials, and minutes, please refer to the calendar.