Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)

Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) is a special status that DHCD can provide to a private nonprofit, community-based organization whose primary purpose is to provide and develop affordable housing for the community it serves. This status means that DHCD has certified that the organization meets specifics qualifications as required by HUD’s HOME Investment Partnership Fund (HOME) program regulations.  To find out more about acquiring CHDO status, please see CHDO Certification. 

CHDO status gives applicants priority for the Affordable and Special Needs Housing (ASNH) program project development funding, and it allows any organization with CHDO status to access two restricted funding sources. 

The first CHDO restricted source is CHDO Operating Support Grants. This provides need-based operating grants based on a quarterly application process. CHDOs must have a current DHCD ASNH offer or commitment in order to be eligible. 

The second source is for predevelopment costs.  In this case through a quarterly application process, CHDOs can access financing for project predevelopment costs.  CHDO Predevelopment Loans must result in completed ASNH funded projects.    

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