Virginia Building Code Academy Knowledge Center (VBCAKC)


Program Contacts
Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy
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The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) uses the Virginia Building Code Academy Knowledge Center (VBCAKC) as the electronic Learning Management System (LMS) to make available Virginia Building Code Academy training opportunities for the code enforcement community and other interested persons. Many of the training programs offered through the VBCAKC will qualify for DHCD credit, utilizing the same guidelines that apply to certification courses, code change training and continuing education.

The VBCAKC is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and at no cost to the user. The electronic system is available online at The electronic system is optimized for Internet Explorer browsers, however, it is not operable with Google Chrome.


All VBCAKC training programs offered through the LMS are available to all users once the one-time registration process is complete. Prior to accessing the system, users must first complete the simple registration process. When accessing the system, users should follow the instructions and prompts carefully as noted in the brief tutorial. It is highly recommended that users print this document for quick reference.

To register on first visit:

1. Access Internet.

2. Enter in Internet browser address bar and click enter.

3. Click “Register” hyperlink or “Register” in black horizontal tool bar below DHCD – VBCA title.

4. Select button “Nonstate Employee” and click “Submit”.

5. Complete mandatory general information fields.

6. Use the same email address as used in the online registration system profile.

7. In Training Agency field, select “DHCD - Virginia Building Code Academy” in scroll menu, and click “Select”.

8. In Affiliation field, select “Local Government” or “General Public” in scroll menu, and click “Select”.

9. If selected Local Government, select County ID in scroll menu, and click “Submit”.

10. Type “DHCD — VBCA Training” in Reason for Access field.

11. Continue to complete mandatory General Information fields, and click “Submit”.

12. Monitor email address provided for acknowledgement of registration request and notification of registration approval and temporary password information within one business day. Note different log-in and password from TASO/TCU/VBCA online system.

To access log-in page:

1. Access internet.

2. Enter in the Internet browser address bar and click enter.

3. Type login ID and password and click “Submit”. Note the user ID and password are case sensitive.

4. Select button “DHCD—Virginia Building Code Academy,” and click “Submit”.

5. Click “Learning Center” on virtual campus.

6. Click “Course Information and Enrollment” on the virtual office.

7. Click “Search” to view all available VBCA courses or type appropriate search words in “Keywords,” and click “Search”.

8. Click desired course title.

9. Ensure checkbox “Take Course for Credit” is checked.

10. Click “Take Course”.

11. Click desired course title.

12. Note that when exiting the course, DO NOT click the red X at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Exit through the ‘close this window’ or ‘exit’ buttons.

To view or print certificate:

1. Click “Administration” in virtual lobby.

2. Click “Student Records.”

3. Click “Student Transcript.”

4. Click “Certificate” hyperlink adjacent to course successfully completely.

5. Right click center of certificate displayed and click “Print.”

6. Select printer in printer dialogue box and click “Print.”