Program Overview

The ASNH funding program opens applications twice a year – in the fall and spring to fund both rental and homeownership projects. To be eligible for ASNH funding, all projects must be new construction or substantial renovation of affordable housing units, or the adaptive reuse of buildings to create new affordable housing units for lower income homeowners or renters. Acquisition-only projects, public housing, and public facilities including emergency shelter, hospitals, nursing homes, or intermediate care or assisted living facilities are not eligible for ASNH funding. 



Rental Projects

Must be a minimum of five units (unless 100% special needs, with DHCD approval), and must be structured to meet each individual program’s affordability requirements. For rental projects requesting federal sources, a minimum of five units are required to meet AMI targeting requirements per source. These units must stay affordable for 30 years.

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Homebuyer Projects

Must be a minimum of five units of housing, which will be made available for sale to households earning incomes below 80% AMI. These projects may apply for either HOME or VHTF funds. Depending on the investment by unit, these homes must stay affordable for 5-15 years.

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HOME Funds

The HOME Program: HOME Investment Partnerships are grants to states and units of general local government to implement local housing strategies designed to increase homeownership and affordable housing opportunities for low- and very-low-income Americans

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National Housing Trust Fund

The National Housing Trust Fund is an affordable housing production program that complements existing Federal, state and local efforts to increase and preserve the supply of decent, safe and sanitary affordable housing for extremely-low- and very-low-income households, including homeless families.

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Virginia Housing Trust Fund Competitive Loan Pool

The Virginia Housing Trust Fund is intended to create and preserve affordable housing and to reduce homelessness in the commonwealth.

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Home Innovations in Energy Efficiency (HIEE)

RGGIis a market-based collaborative effort among Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector, while driving economic growth. Proceeds from the RGGI cap and trade program to energy efficiency programs will benefitlow-income Virginians by making investments in affordable housing.

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