COVID-19 Homeless Shelter Guidance and Provider Resources


COVID-19 Quick Reference for Homeless Shelters

Please note, Governor Northam’s Executive Order issued on March 17, 2020, applies only to restaurants, theatres and fitness centers. While homeless shelters should use strategies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 infections, such as social distancing, the 10-patron language included in the Executive Order does not currently apply to shelters. Shelters are encouraged to maintain operations and… Click Here


Guidance for Hotels/Motels being used as Temporary Shelter for the Homeless Population

The commonwealth of Virginia is currently responding to a public health emergency related to COVID-19. In an eort to provide shelter to the homeless population in hotels/motels across that state, the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) have developed this guidance for hotels and motels. Because some people may not show symptoms but… Click Here


Guía para Hoteles/Moteles utilizados como Refugio Temporal para la Población Sin Hogar

El Estado de Virginia está respondiendo actualmente a una emergencia de salud pública relacionada con el COVID-19. En un esfuerzo por proporcionar refugio a la población sin hogar en hoteles/moteles del estado, el Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Comunitario (DHCD) y el Departamento de Salud de Virginia (VDH) han desarrollado esta guía para hoteles y moteles. Debido a que algunas personas… Click Here


COC/LPG Restaurant Partnership Program

The local restaurant and Continuum of Care (CoC)/Local Planning Group (LPG) partnership is a collaborative effort to provide food services to individuals experiencing homelessness living in hotel/motels for shelter.

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Governor Northam Announces Emergency Funding to Shelter Virginia's Homeless Population

Governor Ralph Northam announced an initial $2.5 million in emergency funding to shelter Virginia’s statewide homeless population during the COVID-19 pandemic. This emergency support will provide temporary housing for the approximately 1,500 Virginians who are currently unsheltered or rely on shelters that require them to leave every day. The funding will also provide housing for individuals in… Click Here