Deployment Programs

DHCD has several programs that work to deploy broadband infrastructure to unserved locations across the Commonwealth. These programs work in unison to achieve the Commonwealth's goal of functionally universal broadband access.

Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program (BEAD)

The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program is Virginia’s opportunity to finish the job on extending broadband access and also make long-term, transformational investments into broadband affordability and adoption.

Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI)

VATI extends broadband service to currently unserved areas by preparing communities to build, utilize, and capitalize on telecommunications infrastructure to create strong, competitive communities.

Line Extension Customer Assistance Program (LECAP)

The Line Extension Customer Assistance Program is designed to support the extension of existing broadband networks to low-to- moderate income residents.

Broadband Adoption and Use

DHCD has numerous programs that work in tandem to close the digital divide around access, affordability and adoption.

Digital Opportunity

DHCD has been designated by Governor Youngkin as the lead on the federal Digital Equity Act (DEA) program. DHCD has submitted the Virginia Digital Opportunity Plan as required under the federal Notice of Funding Opportunity and supplemental guidance. The Virginia Digital Opportunity Plan includes critical components to effectively implement the forthcoming Digital Equity funding from NTIA.

Broadband Availability Map

DHCD has developed a statewide broadband availability map indicating broadband coverage, including maximum broadband speeds available in service territories in the Commonwealth.

Additional Resources

Multiple programs work alongside other development efforts in the Commonwealth to extend the reach of broadband in Virginia.

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

Virginia’s Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) funding fosters economic development and improves the quality of life for our Appalachian citizens. ARC assists broadband expansion efforts in unserved communities in the ARC region.

Utility Leverage Program (ULP)

The Utility Leverage Program for broadband allows Virginia’s investor-owned utilities to partner with localities and internet service providers to leverage utility-owned fiber for network expansion in unserved areas of the Commonwealth.