Weatherization Deferral Repair (WDR)


Jennifer Mares
For technical and compliance questions
Aaron Shoemaker
For project administration questions

The Weatherization Deferral Repair (WDR) program funds repairs that have caused homes (or units in multifamily buildings) to be deferred from the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).  Once the needed repairs are made using the WDR funds and the home is “weatherization-ready,” clients can then receive energy efficiency and health and safety measures available through WAP (such as insulation, air sealing, energy efficient light bulbs, and carbon monoxide detectors).  Clients are required to sign an agreement with the weatherization subgrantee, agreeing to both the WDR repairs and the weatherization services. Households may not receive the initial repairs without agreeing to also receive the weatherization services.

Persons Seeking Assistance: 

Contact the local weatherization subgrantee serving your area.

For the Weatherization Deferral Repair (WDR) program, clients must work with the local weatherization subgrantee serving their area through the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP).  In order to qualify for WDR, clients must meet WAP eligibility requirements.